에피소드 1

춘단화 : 봄을 잘라낸 꽃

Episode 5

The Casino

Episode 4

The Factory

Episode 2&3

The Torture Room

Episode 2&3

The Elevator

Episode 1

The Parking Lot

Episode X

Mission to Mars

Episode 6

Back to 1988 - Part 2

Episode 5

Escape from the CIA Headquarters

Episode 4

Haunted House of Venetian Merchant


The elderly, pregnant women, claustrophobic, unaccompanied children,
drinkers are restricted from entering.

  • 도착시간 엄수

    Be punctual

    For smooth participation in the game, a simple guide is made before the start. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the game starts.

  • 스포금지

    No spoilers

    The interior & process in the room except for the waiting room is confidential and leakage is prohibited for other guests.

  • 촬영 금지 및 소지품 보관

    No photography and storage of belongings

    Before entering the game, keep your cell phone, filming equipment, and writing equipment in a separate storage box using a lock.

  • CCTV 녹화 중

    We're recording CCTV

    For safe game progress, all sections of the theme are recorded through CCTV.